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2012-13 list of change.

inner/outer LIFE


  • Set up a Sanctuary
  • Build labyrinth
  • Organize and purge old material possessions
  • Set up house-altar


  • go hiking
  • Kayak
  • Spelunk!
  • Go see Tamar in CA 🙂
  • swim at the Lake
  • Montreal Annual Homage
  • Reenactments.
  • Caves…


  • Grow more herbs:
  • Rosemary, Mint, Lavender, Basil, hehe, more Mint, Lemongrass, and Cedar bushes!
  • one word: red-begonias
  • plant some trees: i.e. Cedars, Asian-maple, lilacs!
  • another word- compost! hehe.
  • create an out-of-doors bird sanctuary


  • bake more
  • Create a book of Grams’ recipes
  • Create a book of Theresa’s recipes
  • Create book of Mum’s recipes
  • Bake bread!!!!


  • Continue my Gaian Soul Journal
  • Continue to work and expand on my Vision board
  • paint more
  • do a weekly sketch of something mundane/beautiful


  • Send cards, letters, postacards…



  • Hernia surgery
  • Yoga/gym
  • Continue to eat local, fresh foods.
  • Ignore plastics.


  • Sign up for classes..
  • Learn to knit, and do more with my spinning… 🙂
  • Life is constant learning…
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