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These are a selection of poems that I myself have written, mostly all are copyrighted and have won appreciation awards. One of my latest, “Leaves Upon My Tree of Life” was published in November of 2011. Any comments would be greatly cherished! I hope you enjoy reading them all, and once again, please feel free to comment. grazie. Also, please be aware: This page is set up into TWO sections. “Quotables” and “Poetry.” So, please do, scroll…down… 😀


“There is a duality to everything…like I wrote today, I’m not always happy.
I acknowledge the sadness, ponder it for a bit, shed a tear on a leaf if need be, and send it floating away on a stream…[‎& that is beautiful, because it is acceptance which is often an impossible thing to conquer.]  Yes, yes it is. It is so hard I think, because we have a tendency for self affliction as a species. We dwell, and dwell and dwell without actually taking the time to truly get to the root of the issue. Oftentimes though, the truth is hidden, deep in the forest. I just happen to be one of those adventurers who isn’t afraid to wield a machete.
I may bleed, and cry, and produce a bit of mucus, but the struggle, the fight to LIVE and to say that I lived makes all the difference in the world. I try to epitomize that through my writing. My words bleed raw sometimes, as my heart bleeds. I know what suffering means. I think that is why I try to help others out of theirs. You’re right, I am a “people for the people.”” (c) 13 JUN 2012

“What is the difference between living and existing to you? Everyone has their own each individual meanings, but living, truly LIVING, for me is all about experiencing your hours and minutes to the fullest of your abilities. By seeing, tasting, smelling, touching, hearing and sensing something beautiful each and every day with either just myself or with friends and family. Much like Life itself, it needn’t be grand. It can be small and fragile and simple and deliciously marvelous. Existing would be just “getting-by,” and trudging on amongst the monotany. Mindlessness without personality or passion. Sadly, many people do this, and in so never quite find what they are looking for. If only they looked a bit closer, they would see that life and its many fruits are all around them.” (c) 17 APR 2012

“The skies have never looked so black and the aire never smelled so fresh! Listening to crickets by the fire.” (c) 15 APR 2012

“I dont think it matters where you live. Whether its in the wild or in a big urban setting. As long as you can make a conscious effort to live life with all your ability. To see, taste, smell, hear, touch, sense something beautiful everyday. It’s all about shifting from the mundane and seeing the magick that is truly all around us.” (c) 11 APR 2012

“Stop existing and start living.” (c) 11 APR 2012

“I walk in the sunlight, and dream, and smile, and breathe.
I walk in the moonlight, and fly, and explore, and dream some more.
What type of walk will you make with your steps to-day & night?” (c) 10 APR 2012

“Soul-word of the day: Gather. Gather thee a bundle of sweet rose friends and hold them close to your heart…Blessed week end!” (c) 6 APR 2012

“Namaste. Namaste. Joy. Namaste. Heal. Namaste. Detox. Tea. Namaste. Joy. Breathe. Namaste.
Breathe Joy into your Heart & Mind. Namaste.”  (c) 19 APR 2012

“Hello & Happy Spring Soul-friends! Clarifying your life can be so eye opening! These past few weeks I have undergone a serious look inside my mind, body and spirit. I have pruned from my wintery tree not only boxes of clothes, books, and unwanted decor, but also friends& lovers that unfortunately for this time are unhealthy. I will miss these people greatly, and honestly the love I have for them has not lessened. The ultimate wisdom in this purge is that it is necessary and perfectly accepablte to say “NO!” to negativity. To say “NO!” to untrue love. And to say “STOP!” when you are continually trying to carry people on your shoulders while they take advantage. This is normal and respectable. Knowing your limits as a divine human being, is paramount. Because all of us grow and move to our own drums, and our own lives. Paths cross, and sometimes cross again. For now distance may separate us, but our hearts have been imprinted. And I choose to remember the happy memories of the past. I miss you, but I need to be a bringer of light and not of darkness. I follow a drum of honestly and of love. If you can’t hear my beat, it is time to say good-bye. Good-bye Loves. For now, until you are healthy enough to travel alongside me looking upwards toward the skies and getting lost. Being honest, and truthful will set you free. With Spring’s surprise & rainbow’s embrace, quickened be the heart within you & Opened be your Soul to grace. Blessed Equinox! Blessed Spring!” (c) 20 MAR 2012

“Tree buds are like eggs that hatch when they are ready to show the world their beauty.” (c) 22 MAR 2012

‎”Moon’s full-tide blessings in Leo~
What will your Lunar meditation be?
Will it be filled with passion & creativity?
Or instead, of a story buried in your heart?
From a space you’ve made room for a Soul-part?
Remember still, we are young.
So vision a dream, dance, sing & run!” (c) 7 FEB 2012

“Each new day we are reborn, with brand new opportunities and a new beginning to start fresh. I’m glad your spirits are well, we all ebb and flow. We simply need to fight to remember ourselves as if we were ghosts of dreams long ago forgotten. That’s the fun part, voyaging into the unknown…”(c) 7 FEB 2012

“Last night was filled with dreams of a visceral nature. What have your dreams been whispering to you? Both kinds of dreams, the daytime flutters and the darktime slumberings? Mmmm, aren’t they just delicious?” (c) 19 JAN 2012

“The blessing of love be ever with you, Over sea, over shore, over stone… May you be blessed and protected wherever the Auroras bring you..” (c) 10 JAN 2012

“Freya’s Day Philosophy: Take a moment today to do some *Mindful walking…” (c) 30 DEC 2011

“Warmth of spirit defrosts even the bitterest cold.” (c) 11 OCT 2011

“A person will get well when he is tired of being sick.” (c) 30 SEP 2011

“The soul recovers by going out there and pieceing it together again, it isnt a puzzle, it is fluid. Its like pouring water back into a glass, the container always fills itself.” (c) 27 SEP 2011

“Diosa, how I missed the trees!” (c) 16 SEP 2011

” I say this blessing to you, and yours. May you find Home~
And breathe the aire that is fresh& moist & cool. Let the breath carry you about your day, follow in its wisdom. The calm taking you over. Simple cycles of purity, taking you there. Home.” (c) 9 SEP 2011

“Counting Ladybirds, lots and lots of Ladybirds.” (c) 1 SEP 2011

“Celebrate! There is nothing better than to sink your teeth into something that is equally healthy for your mind, body& spirit.
Presently preparing the warm breads soaked in honey…” (c) 31 JUL 2011

“There is a spark in my chest that shines without rest.” (c) 4 JUL 2011

“‘Twas a night to ponder amongst the roses and mulberry groves: a true midsummer night’s dream come true.” (c) 26 JUN 2011

“If I could bottle up this feeling, so that I may sweetly ponder it in years to come, it would smell of raindrops, and tea, and dusk, and You.” (c) 22 JUN 2011

“Breakfast tea-
-the dog barks loud.
(c) 2 JUN 2011 Attempted Haiku

“This Memorial Day I give homage to not only all of the men but also the equally deserving women who have been warriors throughout our past. Especially, Joan d’ Arc, whom Mark twain (Samuel Clemens) said was “easily and by far the most extraordinary person the human race has ever produced.” He spent 12 years researching and writing his book titled “Joan of Arc.” Even though it is not his most well known, he considered it one of his best. This Memorial Day REMEMBER, that each of us is a warrior, and we all carry our different weapons…” (c) 29 MAY 2011

“Sincere, compassionate excercise is the most perfect way to breathe.” (c) 24 MAY 2011

” Breeze rain perfume of apple blossoms~ `tis a magickal day.” (c) 10 MAY 2011

“Always speak with integrity. Never with rage. And most of all with a Smile.” (c) 4 MAY 2011

“Take a moment, conscentrate on a cluster of flowers or sit at a Garden retreat. Breathe. Let the prana flow~Connect. If you are a more adventurous type take off your shoes& socks. No one will mind. Use this as a moment for yourself. Breathe. Let go. Only FEEL. Use the fresh new Spring earth as your yoga mat. Breathe. Its okay to be a little wild. Downward Facing Dog (Adho Mukha Svanasana) is nice. Or Full Child Pose (Balasana). Really fuse your consciousness to that of the Garden: The Earth. Have fun& just let go for a little while.. Happy Healing!” (c) 3 MAY 2011 On International Garden Meditation Day

“The Whole World is SPEAKING. Be still a moment.
Listen with your Heart. There are Beings all around You.
Don’t be afraid to hear them.
the ancestors,
the elders,
the living spirits of nature.
With their guidance we’ll thrive.
Together.” (c) 29 APR 2011

“The smell of rain weighs heavy upon my eyelids. Heat lightening adds spark to these prophetic dreams. Where centipedes wear top hats& ebony finches red petticoats. Where men purr into one`s ear, beguiling a stammer. Ah yes! Thursday has come! Thor`s Day indeed!” (c) 28 APR 2011-Thursday

“Learn to navigate all of Life with Grace by tapping into your more natural fluid nature.” 27 APR 2011

“I am better off now, here. Thinkin’. The tea pot is boilin’. The dog is a barkin’.
I am better off now, here. Lovin’. This spot of herbal remedy. With the cat a meowin’.
I am better off now, here. Trancin’. This shaman dream hike. With animals in the wood. A Screamin’.
I am better off now, here. Journeyin’. This bright new world. With my guides a Flyin’.
I am better off now, My heart is a Healin’.” (c) 9 APR 2011

“That which is unavailable. Do thy test me? When the cloit of clouds hang over thy agostic head, i search for the answers.. I want thy flesh upon my flesh& yearn for thy pleasure& esctasy. Do you want me? The way thy wants thee? Who shall cast the first ripple? Do i even want thy ripple? So many questions which can be answered with a simple exhale of breath. Yearn& grasp at which you want most dear..I will be thee. I will be thy. Thy will be Thy. Magick in thy grasp.” (c) 5 APR 2011

“Grow in the Fire! Burn in the Clouds^
Swim through the Vines~ Breathe in the Sea….
*FEEL your Spirit EXPLODE**” (c) 3 APR 2011

“At the heart of the Festival of Bacchus was carelessness, ecstasy, and unbridled happiness. Choose to be happy…” (c) 2 APR 2011

“Hyacinths, Narcissus. Sprouting through the thawing ground. Bathing in the Sunlight. It`s time for us to reconnect with the earth, too. Break new ground. Get Growing.” (c) 18 MAR 2011

“May apple blossoms sprout in your dreams, filled with robin’s flight & Spring’s fresh delight.” (c) 14 MAR 2011

“FEEL your inner Thunder on this rainy Thor`s Day~ My hands are clapping to the sound~ Living by Spark of Lightening. A change is slow in coming/ My eyes can scarcely see/ The rays of hope come streaming/ Through the smoke of apathy.
But oh my heart be strong/ And guide when eyes grow dim/ When ears grow deaf with empty words/ When I know there`s life within.
May the spirit never die/ Though a troubled heart feels pain/ When this long wintre is over/ It will blossom once again.” (c) 10 MAR 2011

“when you close your eyes, may your eye-lids smile back at you from the inner darkness. let your cozy nest keep you warm on this cold night, your heart warming from your toes to your nose. May your dreams give you thoughts to ponder in the morning& may they always ever be pleasant..blessed dreaming Soul-friends.” (c) 8 MAR 2011

“I have spent my days a think’n. My mornings I’ve spent a smili’n. My afternoons a dreamin’. And my nights a wishin’. When will the hallucinations stop? It’s like a melting paragua, without the syrup. A roundhouse without dung. I have spent my days a think’n. Creations in my head, come to life in the sunlight, these sparkling hallucinations, that keep me alivin’.” (c) 1 MAR 2011

“there seems a time to remember. To remember the times and moments long ago, when all else seemed so warm and alive, and to have found it- a fire within me. That seems so long ago. It comes from time to time, and I remember. And I feel again. The warmth, the spice. The aroma. There seems a time to remember. To remember the times and moments so near, when all seems so warm and alive, and to find it once more.” (c) 26 FEB 2011

“Once the mind quiets, the path you are walking begins to seem not so much long and daunting as it is time well spent traveling. Feel & seek adventure in your Life every day. So, as your breath heart exhales, and your head upon the dream-pillow sinks, remember always there is never a shortcut to anywhere worth going.” (c) 20 FEB 2011

“Oh! have you ever noticed? The Sun rise? That golden grapefruit hue, that seems to cover every cold worry? I`ve seen the sun-rise, have you?” (c) 09 FEB 2011

“I feel my roots sinking into the damp warm earth. nutrients filling me- sated with minerals. My lungs expand filling with carbon dioxide, creating energy, exhaling oxygen. I feel alive. My green veins move with the flow of chlorophyll rising to the very tips of my fingers: outstretched, reaching. Towards the sun’s warm rays. I smile up to the heavens, the sky smiles back. All is in balance& I take another breath, I am whole again..” (c) 03 FEB 2011

“And it came to be a beautiful-wine night amongst the shooting stars & Pleiades’s..sweet dreams.” (c) 06 JAN 2011

“Sometimes, even the Dalai Lama has a bad day. but he acknowledges it, analyzes it, and then, GROWS from& with it.” (c) 17 November 2010

“Inspired: the night sings to me as if i were once deaf to the song of life. it is awakened and the banshee weeps. It is this moment. This unending divine moment: where the young can love. Where life is but a transcendence of time and dream mixes with reality. Where I am free.” (c) 10 November 2010

“when will be the day that life is renewed? when it is tasted through the ears and the mouth is but a conduit for the lusciousness of the fruit? when shall the mighty take part in acts of love, in acts of frivolity, in lust? when shall the land be renewed?” (c) 9 November 2010

“Let the earth rain, let the water fall, let the drops hit: the ground. our hands. our minds. our hearts. let it wash away our hate, our selfishness, our immature behaviours. let it cleanse us all of the non-sense. all the drama. all of the blame. and all of the struggle. let Gaia renew, refresh, recharge. this world needs a heavy wash& good rinse-cycle…” (c) 6 October 2010

“Life is a labyrinth, be sure to walk yours everyday…” (c) 3 October 2010

“To all of my friends with a still beating heart, a heavy breadth, a bright eye& a dreaming soul: i salute you!” (c) 12 August 2010

“oh! wine does flowww with the lips;
with the hands, with the eyes;
with the hips…” (c) 14 July 2010

“It’s this moment: during the gloaming. when the sky is peach with clouds inching of thunder& feeling electricity with your feet. this is my favourite time of day. when everything is glowing. when everything is illuminated in shades of light& shadow. beautifying the chances to come…” (c) 11 July 2010

“…painting my own reality…” (c) 6 July 2010

“has seen the golden ring of his destiny surround the lip of a crystal wine glass…” (c) 3 July 2010

“watching Venus quietly smile& shine…the night speaks but is so rarely heard.

“Listen to the wind, the breeze gliding past your cheeks, skin..eyelashes. Giving you Inuit kisses. Laugh and bask in the delight. In the sight, tonight could be YOUR midsummer night`s dream come true.” (c) 30 June 2010

“Let food be thy medicine, and let thy medicine be food…” (c) 30 June 2010

“Is weary of pugnacious dirges, as the warfare consumes the once pure souls of the mind. oh! How struggle mishapes the heart, and blinds the eyes. Forbearance is easier said than done, and for the two that wish to see& hear again. This one`s white flag is unwrapped…For this war does not truly exist in this reality. No more tears. I no longer wish for heartache. We`ve both become warriors: and the enemy has become ourselves…” (c) 28 June 2010

“hot crimson embers; flames licking at my feet. marshmellows& poke sticks. midnight stars dancing above.  spinning Venus with thy sweet Dionysus… ohhh, la. la.” (c) 15 June 2010

“How supple the fruit when brought to a poorman`s dry lips, “Has he found his oasis?” Ask the flying ibis`. “No….just a MIRAGE….” says BP. as they fire upon the passing flock…”
In response to the Gulf Coast Oil Spill (c) 8 June 2010

“Supersonic expansions of aire& plasma thrill the senses; As torrents pass over saturated torsos painted in chill bumps, Electrifying fingertips with the Touch; Making hearts and hormones aflutter: Inundation enhances the vigour-…the pulsing rhapsody of life…” (c) 6 June 2010 On lightening storms.

“Great is the breeze blown on a warm chest; Blown from the mouth of Dionysus…Great is the candid truth of word; Truth torn from destiny`s pages: flying in the wind. Great is conception; the idea of Life, of Love, of Liberty…Great is what we Wish. What we wish the world was like; what we hoped had happened…Great is t…he Unknown& the Unknowable; Great is my heart: my Mind…(c) 3 June 2010

“Stars. Suns. Starlight. Sunlight. All it takes is Hydrogen. Gravity& Time….We can all live up to VY Canis Majoris” (c) 10 May 2010

“Can You feel the adrenaline? The positive stress making a rise out of your hair? The bumps, the speed. The beauty?” (c) 8 May 2010

“trusting my own, extra-literary experiences. Picking at his own scabs of poetry. Examining his own thoughts with clarity& psychological accuracy….what is shy and confused is now succinctly and elegantly phrased. Finding a piece of himself in pencil lines built into sentences of which his mind is made…” (c) 25 April 2010

“I am cenesthetic to the converse logic that this life is indeed Surreal..” (c) 23 April 2010

“making music.. When i hear music, i am transformed. Transmorphified. Transmutated into a higher being listening to the dynamic range of life; Transubstantiated into wine, into the ethereal pitches of bramble fruit? Cocoa? Oak? Violets. When i hear music, i am changed. I am made warm. My soul sings. Yes- i am changed, changed for good…” (c) 10 April 2010

“Drip. Drop. Drip, drip, drop. DRIP…drip. DROP. Each rain drop is an echo. Echo. ECHO…Rippling on the surface, beneath it. Within. Drip. Drip. Drop, goes my heart…” (c) 29 March 2010

“YOU KNOW THAT PLACE? Where hallucination turns to hope, Hope turns to dream; Dream turns to wish. Wish turns to Sleep? Hallucinating pillows& sheets. Dreaming you in them. SLEEPING with happy thoughts… zzzz..” (c) 27 March 2010


I Would Sing the Dance of Fireflies- 12 June 2012

If I sang a song of Summer,

I would sing the dance of fireflies.


My lullaby would frolick across the winds,

Filling the hearts of bumble bees.

A cricket symphony of violins,

A deep bass of pond bullfrogs.

I would sing the dance of fireflies.

My lullaby would be of sunshine, of starshine.

The sound of lady and hummingbird wings.


If I sang a song of Summer,

We would make love by the light of the Moon.

Deep, Sweet Peace- 25 May 2012

Deep peace of Morning Sky to you
Deep peace of Fragrant Coffee to you
Deep peace of Cleansing Showers to you

Deep peace of Lunchtime retreats to you
Deep peace of Tickling Grasses to you
Deep peace of Sunshine Kisses to you

Deep peace of Afternoon Strolls to you
Deep peace of Floating Seeds to you
Deep peace of Crystal Caves to you

Deep peace of Nighttime Meditations to you
Deep peace of Sleepy-time Tea to you
Deep peace of Honeyed Breezes to you

Deep peace of the Followers and Nurturers of Peace to you
Love and Laughter pour their healing light onto you
Deep, sweet peace to you.

Inspired by a Gaelic Blessing…

Azaleas- 22 May 2012

Sweet Sagittarian Azalea,
You are such a fragile passion.
Five petals on your face,
Blush pink, as you tickle my nose.

Xiang shu my dear,
You make me think of home.
Of luxurious days spent pondering your beauty.
Of the scent of Spring that lingers around your roots.

Forget your long forgotten lover Tu Fu-
-Let me now, swim in “a sea of blood red azaleas.”
Let me dance amongst your branches,
A Green Man amongst the leaves…

My Love for you grows as you grow.
I long for your wonders to be shared.
I listen to your words compassionate:
“Take care of Yourself for Me.”

Shall we have a cup of tea?
Sharing in stories long ago?
Trusting each other, ever lasting.
My love for you shall surely never go.

Until we next meet…
You know that place-
Where butterflies smile
And drink deep of your nectar.

Where bees fly drunk,
Intoxicated by You.
Your dearest fan,
The Tree Poet Whisperer.

Incantation for The Divine Lover- 17 May 2012

Divine Lover
The flowers smile-
I wait.
Divine Lover
The wind whispers softly-
I listen.
Divine Lover
My heart breaks against the shoreline-
Divine Lover
I run fast as the Fox-
Divine Lover
Should I stop writing?
His phone number.
Divine Lover
I hear the branches crash-
Against the window.
Divine Lover
Is love alive?
Divine Lover
I want to believe-
Again renewed.
Divine Lover
Come to me in the night
True visions.
Divine Lover
I awaken my heart
To your possibility.
Divine Lover
My tea cup runs over-
I am wet.
Divine Lover
I breathe in the morning dew-
Divine Lover
My heart’s doors have blossomed-

Letter to Aphrodite- 15 May 2012

Dearest Aphrodite,
May my mortal words woo your embraces…

Ishtar, may each whisper echo from my lips to yours.
Diana, may each utterance tickle your passions,
Venus, may each touch be of gooseflesh.
Astarte, may each flick of my tongue open your pearl even larger-
-True Maidens of the Sea!

Lady’s, let us speak of adventures,
Of naughty mischief behind every branch,
Where nectar drips off of the leaves of endless possibility…

I would walk in the foam of the sea,
Wearing a wreath of myrtle, rose, apple, and poppy.
Waiting for a chance to look upon your golden face,
Your diamond eyes, your dove soft skin!
Let me be your Swan, and I promise such a flight!
Let us toss the feathers, and let them fall where they please.
For a night of pleasure is in front of us:
A feast of the senses!
What luxuries we should Touch.
What incense we should Smell.
What wine we should Taste.
What shall happen when our eyes meet?

Let my mortal attractions make warm the night,
As my heart pounds deeply against my ribs,
Where I quiver in ecstasy for your essence-
So pure, so proud!
I have washed in sea salted waters,
And lay bare with drizzled honey in your honour.
Naked, in my full form, I surrender.
And await thee, come hither!
Enter my heart, and taste my milk,
Let us overflow, and laugh in joy!
Delighting, playfully in the night,
And let the stars be our witnesses,
As I taste the sweet ambrosia of desire.
Blessed be!

This Poet’s Verse- 7 May 2012

This poet’s verse will be short and to the point, yet undoubtedly
impactful- for all prose is.
This poet’s mind has always been a magickal fantastical place, away
from the monotony of this realm. He creates his own- mere whispers
turn to tall tales. And small seeds grow to fields of unknown heights.
The extent to which, is unknown, even to him. For he is humble, and
modest. And yes, does not know how to take a compliment, however

His heart has been asunder. Beaten. Scars and wounds go deep beneath
his glowing smiled face. Dark, wet pavement fills his nightmares with
faces unseen. His shining words are not just advice for others, but
for himself. Everyone has a dark side. A past we would rather forget.
But he survives! He knows the extra horrors of hiding. He grows, he
heals, and he learns by helping to nurture, to cure, and to teach.
These are his heart’s secrets.

His enlightenment comes from knowing. Knowing that he has not all the
answers. He seeks for them: in the stars, the clouds, in mere puffs of
exhaust smoke even. He sees into bird patterns, and butterfly spots.
Flower petal numbers, and grains of rice. His mind is a whirlwind- a
Spiral of perpetual thought. Memories both ancient and present and he
hopes for a better future.

His Spirit is olde, as far as he can remember. Images flash before his
eyes, burnt into his retinas. A martyred scorched-druid once, and a
bread baker the next. His eyes seem deep yet sparkle with a life, that
remembers one should always keep living, no matter the consequences.
Look there into that spot of sparkle: there is his truth. His reality.
For his soul is wilde, magickal, and true. Even if he makes a mistake,
all he can do is shake his head- And whisper it to the trees~

This poet is Me. And I love myself through and through. From mistake
to mistake. To each wonderful and blissful bad idea. Mind, body and
spirit. I adore thee! I shall shout to the heavens and reclaim myself
from dark clutches of denial!

I adore Me! From each freckle upon my skin, to the tips of my lips, to
the scent of my herbed hair. To my bare feet that walk the deep musky
Earth. My enchanting bliss and philosophy that may seem naïve, yet
ever so attractive. This is my prose. This is my life’s verse. Each
Sun another limerick. Each Moon a separate haiku. Dedicated in
Mind, emotional yet sharp!
Body, thin but not weak!
Spirit, afraid yet aflame with passion!
I reclaim Me, in all my wilde-ness, with all my fervor.
During this Beltanetide!

May Wisteria- 3 May 2012

Under the trees in the park.
The wisteria droop
Down, and fall as grapes.
They perfume the scent of your hair and I see
I see your Spirit
Flying above me, and I smell
Your Dove’s perfume. Kiss
Me. Softly, with your
And touch me gently
With thy tongue.

Sacred Directions – 18 APR 2012

“The Sacred Directions: North, East, South, West, Above, Below, Centered Within & Out.”
Sacred North: The Direction of Greater Coolness, Stability,& Earth Souls. It directs us towards the physical, the power of the earth beneath our bare feet and our own bodies.
It speaks to us: “Listen to your body & keep it healthy!””
“Sacred East: The Direction of Sunrise, Philosophy,& Aire Souls. It directs us towards the mental, the power of the winds within our lungs and our thoughts.
It speaks to us: “Listen to the whispers of the world & write them down!””
“Sacred South: The Direction of Greater Warmth, Passion ,& Fire Souls. It directs us towards the sensual, the power of the electricity within our veins and our hearts.
It speaks to us: “Listen to your heart & take action!””
“Sacred West: The Direction of Sunset, Emotions,& Water Souls. It directs us towards the emotional, the power of the rivers within our cell memories and our ability for compassion.
It speaks to us: “Listen to your loved ones & cry when you must!””

Welcome Spring! – 20 MAR 2012

Welcome Spring! Blessed Ostara! Happy Equinox! Dearest Soul-friends: May you be refreshed by the pure showers of Spring. Drop of tulip, Drop of daffodil, Drop of crocus. -Be blessings upon your brow, heart, hands & feet. May you be refreshed every morn and every night. May your dreams be whimsical and filled with magick. May you live sphereically, in all directions with a smile. May you never lose your childish enthusiasms and eat ice creme whenever the moment moves you. May you frolick, skip and jump! May you never hunger. May you never thirst. May you find love, and often. Stretch out those Wintery bones and celebrate! May your spirit soar and explore! From Spring’s dawn light, till Spring’s twilight. May your inner light shine as you walk barefoot through this season of flowers… Blessed be!

Once More – 7 FEB 2012

Once MoreKiss me in a field of wild grasses, In a circle grove of oak trees, By a willow-lake filled with lotus blossoms.

Hold my hand in a field of wild flowers, In a circle thicket of mulberries. By the echo of a sacred well long forgotten.

Touch my skin in a field of grapevines, In a circle orchard of apple blossoms, By the honey scent of bee hives.

Kiss each freckle upon my skin, Hold my hair and breathe its aroma. Touch my nose with yours

Let us frolic through the glade of ecstasy. Let us dance around the hill-fires. Let us laugh and bask in the memory of faeries flying overhead.

Catch a star in your heart, Sipping the sweetness from my cupped hands. As I take you into mine, and we are together, Once more.
© Tuesday, 7 FEB 2012, Full Moon in Leo.

Oh Great Theodoros! – 13 FEB 2012

Oh great Theodoros!
Adrift in a boat in the gardens of philosophy,
Believer in culture.
In hand
A flask of wine, a book
Of verse.
Voyaging between the seas
Pushing through orchards of seaweed and yoga mats.
Dandelions and seagulls.
Doth ask but of life’s sweet nectar.
Sup the waves of nostalgia.
Drink from cupped hands of mermaids.
Inspire the sea of flowing volumes.
And may your pages be trodden
With inked fingertips, Dried paint in your hair.
Flecks of coal and graphite shavings.
Smile the Cheshire poem of your age.
Hum the song of bandits
And dream the lyrics of Peace.
Great men are measured by their talents.
Greater still are poets by their hearts.
“May your soul rage on, whirl on,
Tread faster here and everywhere.”
Grasp your Aquarian fortune,
And may your waters flow!
With honey-song of Muses in your ear,
In you swells the soul of a Wordsmith.
Great Gift of the Gods!

Be well my Brother. The stars are in your favour. Breathe in the rich aire, drink of the sweet waters and rejoice in the warming fires of friends & family. Blessed Birth both Day and Night. For now and always.

Leaves Upon My Tree of Life- 23 SEP 2011

This autumn, of crisp breezes
Of wind blown kisses through the aire.
I hope you know that I am thankful.
This is a time for appreciating & celebrating the unfolding of Life’s bounty.
Of equal day and night:
Where the dark is but a reason to gather a warm embrace in the cold.
and the light is but an open invitation for a cool kiss upon your weary brow.

Every year, I tend to celebrate this my most favourite holiday & holinight.
Not just for the apple harvest or the food. Oh, the mouth watering venison, the berries…The pie..
But for also cherishing the connections. The facets of our lives, the sometimes neglected trees in the grove..
So I am taking this time to inform you..

You all have given me breath. You have given me hope. You are leaves upon my branches,
each beautiful, changing as the season goes.
Each one a story, allowing me to grow upwards and higher still to find but more leaves sprouting.
Yet still connected to the source.
That spark of life, that bit of love and joy and embrace.
That which I am unconditionally drawn.
For who would I be if you were not there to allow me to photosynthesize?
You gave me breathe, you gave be life.
You are my soul-parts. My lovers and my dreamers.
My family and so much more than my friends.
I am thankful for you, making a ring of bark on my years: My Tree of Life.

Be blessed.
May the aires always fill you with breath.
May the fires in your hearts continue to burn true.
May the waters quench your thirst for Life.
May the earth always offer you a haven.
May your Spirit soar!
In Peace, Light & Love.
Blessed Be.

Lugh’s Lammas – 31 JUL 2011

Gather ye breads, vegetables and fruits!
Harvest time has come filling our noses with delight.
Gather ye free lovers of music, art and ale!
Dancing time has come washing our tongues with delight.
Gather ye sultry hunger, touches and chants!
Hedonistic debauchery has come to grasp our bodies in delight.
Gather ye friends, lovers and spirits!
Celebration has come to our Souls…

Take stock in what you have,
and share in what is ours.
Take stock in what we have,
and share in what is yours.

Smile at the sun, and pound at the dough.
Make your Wicker man alight,
and see where the evening shall go.

Fingertips graze stubble, fern and frond.
As we walk the fields hand in hand.

Sweet delicious bread!
As I kiss lips dripping with honey…
~”Lugh’s Lammas” (c) 31 JUL 2011

Soul-stice- 21 JUN 2011

Summer is a time for frolicking.
Running through the glade.
And rolling in the flowers.
Laughing, lounging, reading& bathing in grottos.
Drinking from sacred springs&
Showering under waterfalls.
Drinking tea by the light of a campfire.
Eating hedonistically from the dark fertile earth.Summer is a time for the Soul to shine.
Flying high through the trees,
Up mountains & hills.
Dancing in Fae groves,
And paying homage to the ancient stone guardians.
The elemental spirit is a fire of passion& whimsy.
Reclaim yourself! Your Midsummer dreams!
Rejoice in the moment! This Day of longest Light.
With sun salutations, smiles& grins…
Rejuvenate and be Happy!Blessed Solstice, Blessed Summer, Blessed Be!

Loveably, Lupercalia- 12 FEB 2011

Have you heard the moon-lit howl?
The ancient caress of Cupid’s wings all aflutter?
The She-wolf, calling you to her Cave?
Have you forgotten, the ways of our ancestors?
Before kisses were made of chocolate,
And words already spoken were given in a mass-produced card?
The times of magick have returned: So howl the song of Olde.

Dance around the hearth fire bright. Lock your eyes and take none else in your Sight. Call out your Lover, gently but firm. Today marks a three day Love burn. Let the pyres flame long into the night, where all can hear your love making plight. This ancient festival still does live on, you see. In the stories, the myths, the diaries that be. This is your time to recapture the spark, the one you’ve had for Life, Lust, and Love- what a lark! The basest of urges cannot be undone, no amount of praying could cast away and be gone. The Wolf’s Month begins just now, ready the pillows, the perfumes and the sheets, take to your bed more than just roses and sweets. Howl at the Moon, She- Luna will be ripe with smiles. Upon the acts of you smitten Love animals. Do not hide, oh! The shame that should not be there. Valentine’s Day should be a day naked and bare. A day of true poetry in the making, straight from the source. No matter as long as both partners are eager of course! Giggles and frivolity, laughter or pain. To be single or not: Love is just a game. So be happy at that, this fleeting festival of olde. Take a chance, be brave and lusty. Your name, pick it will he? In the Valentine Lottery, Faunus and Pan have more than just a Cupid’s plan. Be quick, make your plight. Februa is here, she will hear you in flight. Love moves on lofty wings throughout the skies. Arrows tipped in sweet poison, that does not follow any rules or rhymes. Will surely pierce more than one heart on this day. Will you meet your one true love? Who is to say? Who is to say?

All that can be gained, and all that can be lost. Is as simple as the day is light and night is dark. Be true to your heart, be true to yourself. Make love in the knowledge that true Love does exist. In your Heart. In your Mind. In your Soul. Go in peace, and follow the path of Eros!
(c) 12 FEB 2011

Rememberings of a Dream Long Ago- 09 FEB 2011

Send me away on a boat of spices &herbs,
floating away with the perfume of incense.
A sailing pyre of lament and hope for the future.
The realms diverge and converge on the ocean waves.
Will you send me away?
Into the depths of the white light?
Into the warmest lands of glaciers and
coldest worlds of desert? I’m sailing
away into the other-realms, yearning
for so much more than this
everyday monotony..

Betham and Nugent filled my mind most of the time.
Shakespeare on others, on  the more drunken nights
But know that my words were always meant to be read
By the light of the moon and by the scent of the sea.
Sailing away, I salute the ancients, the old and young.
My fire burns always, the Light of the Way.
Follow the spark of Love-

The waves rock me to and fro,
Given enough time I would recite
complete works, of artes past.
So, send me away
Away, on a bed of herbs & spices.
Let the incense pierce the veil, may the Light
that is my Life fill your eyes.
If you bury me upon the ocean waves, a mummified druid-
Dreamer and Shaman, healer of the new.
Visionary. Optimist. Will you listen to the words?
The drum beat of the dirges?
Will you feel the ebb and flow,
If I wear my shroud and you your tuxedo?

I’ve had enough moments to know,
To know what all these Lives and times amount to.
In the end everything comes together in a beautiful mess of reality,
Our realities, into the mists of the Otherworlds,
Our worlds.

So send me into our world,
On a bed of herbs & spices,
Smooring myself with flowers of Light,
Flowers of Life,
Flowers of Love.
Sending out ripples of destiny on the sea of Fate.

If I die send me away, on a bed of herbs and spices:
On a pyre of Love poems.

Do you have coin for the boatman?
To part the Mists and send me Home.

(c) 09 FEB 2011 wednesday

Jack Frost, A Beginning of a Poem To Be- 17 DEC 2010

My hair is frosted with crystalline wonder,
my lips ruby as holly berries.
Eyes brighter than a star,
and a heart warmer with jolly laughter.
My mind awakens to the smell of snowflakes..
grasping the mistletoe, i paint in the light.
My day is just begun..

Samhain- 29 Octobre 2010

Something stirs in our loins, the drumbeat pounds, the gypsy dance.
Something calms in our thoughts, the heartbeat pounds, the inhibitions lost.
Something’s summoned in our souls, the musikbeat pounds, the energy’s pull.

Something this way comes, soaring through the air, it comes to us…
on this Halloween night.
Something bubbles in our memories, the ebb and flow, of natures wise stories.
Something hoots in our minds, the danger thuds, blood pumping the frightful binds.
Something howls in the night, the charmed wolfsong, glowing in the moonlight.

Something this way comes, flying through the ages, it comes to us…
on this Samhain night.

Can you feel the magick in the air? Can you sense it? Can you taste it?
Something old and ancient this way comes….to you? To Me…

Blessed be.

Happy Birthing- 25 SEP 2010

Happy birthing!
Dear friend, I hope this finds you well& happy.
Be sure to celebrate extra special today.
May the years show you promise, may your days be filled with bliss.
May you never forget your childish enthusiasms, no matter what age you become.
May you live spherically, and openly.
Honestly & truly.
May you love with all your heart& may love find a place for you in all that you do.
Dream always, both large..and small.
May you be happy in everything that you do, and know that my home is always here for you if you are ever in need.
My very best wishes, my dear, to you for a colourful fall birth-day& enchanting autumn birth-night, that will surely be filled to the brim with friends, family, love& laughter.
Grins& tidings.
Your friend always, Derek.

He IS -22 June 2010

He is a traveler.
a conquistador of the arts: of thought, of dance;
a soldier with flowers in his hands.
He is a man`s man: a man who can feel.
He is the hunter…and the gatherer.
…He can make you laugh until you cry, and cry until you laugh.
He is the two-spirit.
He is a friend, a lover, a companion. His eyes shine true& radiate poetry of expressed vigour& coloured with the winds.
He is.

We Are The Sketches- 1 May 2010

We are sketches. Beautiful sketches.
Pencil lines. Continuous, run-on sentences,
until we`ve hit hyperbole.
Paragraph mountains torn from anthologies of our life`s lives.
(Used as insolation for the cold- the homeless?)
But the ink still moves from our hearts to the paper!
Seeping. Sinking.
Page after page.
Mindless Word, mindless script.
Mindful of our sketches, Our
Pencil Lines.
…Chapter after chapter. The ink-
pulses: a poet`s heart bleeding through introduction.
Through chapter after endless chapter.
Straight to our epilogues- Our epitaphs.
Parallel paradoxes, living our own truths.
Truth is art, Art is Life: thus life is filled with painting our truths.
Sketching. Creating our lives. Making word not just what is seen,
But what is imagined. Life makes manifest the Artful being.
The artful poet. The redeeming. The pencil …lines.
Drawing conscious lines of a new Civilization.
An artful life.
A renaissance of human word: human experience.
Love, word, poem, wine, soul:
life`s music.
The new world-order.
We Poets, we dance in the streets!
Our minds, our words are OPEN.
Art is not dead!
Poetry is here.
Use your Voice. Write it.
Share your pencil lines.
Be your Revolution.
Be your Renaissance!
or it`ll happen without you……”

Wet Dreams

Lights reflect off the black asphalt.
Wet. Glazed with tears from the sky-
falling onto me.
My head spins with a hundred, no- a thousand, no- an infinity:
an affinity, of thoughts falling off of me into the gutter.
(Where all broken dreams fall.)

Autocars pass sending tidal reaffirmations:
“Embrace adversity! See it! Taste it! Let it hit!
Let it brush your skin! Oh- your skin!
Let it trail down
your face, blinding the limelight,
blinding the glamour, the illusion.”

Truth is all you see-
the dank truth.
It drenches you to your very core…

Shake! Shake off that poison-
that venomous disease. No more!
The disease of esteem:
how it rounds about like a mad man’s cab.
Accelerating down the one-way, the boulevard to your heart.

Cleansed you trudge on, jumping in puddles,
nostalgic moments flutter
like mermaids swimming from pool to pool.
(Laughing sweet melodies.)

Let him fall onto me,
like these many little kisses falling from heaven.
Let him wet me with HIS drizzly passion,
HIS pouring indiscretion, his bucketing truths,
and untruths.
His sopping curiosities,
his hopes-his tempest fears.
Let those irrepressible flights trail. Drip.
Coursing the surface, coursing lips,
lips yearning, thirsty for more.
Trickle, trails over your chin,
drinking from the storm of pleasure.
The storm from breaking inhibitions
(the ultimate aphrodisiac.)

Damp. Spent. Running from niche to niche.
Ducking into alleys where city lights
shadow over.
The music is underground. The music is here.
Cymbals clashing, heart song playing.
The thump, thump,
thump of a pulsing heart
from an age old eave.
Our clothes skin tight, our hair flapping
in the wind. Passerby’s yell
from drunken autos, going nowhere.
Going home.
Do they go to a warm bed?
Do they go to a lover’s?
(Tsunami hangovers in the morning.)

Dry. The lavatory has more uses than just for casual encounter, casual
love. Dry love.
Tousled hair, waltzing up to a hero.
(All heroes have ruffled egos.)
Shaken, shaken to the core,
the cool drink passes
my gullet, from lips
succulent enough to devour
in one clandestine moment.
Where time stops. Time
speeds up,
who needs a time machine when I have a triple shot of vodka on the rocks?

Scruffy emotive emotions touch,
sing, off tune, in tandem.
Unkempt realities merging into a single dimension.
Worlds collide,
authenticity is questioned.
The veracious truths of
unknown places,
unknown encounters
reclaim their place.
Reclaim their power- only within arms reach.

If it is wanted badly enough.
Desired, chosen, removed
from a secret place within oneself,
one’s secrets of a beloved.
(Darlings move on the dance floor.)

Time is out. Do not pass “Go,”
do not collect two-hundred dollars.
Your carriage has pumpkined up, and is ready for its trade in.
All magick removed,
will he pick up the bitten apple?
Will he break through the brambles
to kiss his knight in shining armour?
Will little people jump him
in the alley as he runs for the rabbit hole?
Plunging into an unreal world filled with giant white whales and
Wonkish insanity?
The clock ticks, says the white rabbit, will you follow?
(Remember Love is Time’s keeper.)

(c) 9 April 2010

The HUMAN Connection: We All BLEED Love

He would love He,

She would love She.

A common link, a common hope-

-A common love.

Their eyes were pure

Their spirits yearning,

Yearning to be two wholes creating one.

He holds Him.

She holds Her.

The inescapable connection-

-A heart connection,

Beyond genitalia.

His contours, his muscle.

He loves: he is a soldier.

They kiss, they sweat.

Woe! Why be afraid to Feel?

The touch of true love.

Sense it! Be aware…

The ebb and flow of the ocean.

They are two-spirited,

They are enthralled in every fiber-

Every cell, every bit uninhibited.

At peace.

She sees Her.

He sees Him.

A penetrating gaze, a Vision-

-A deep connection.

Beyond knowing.

Her brown eyes, hers blue.

Mirrors of an expression, evidence of self.

His smiles reflects His laugh

She creates, she learns.

She loves: She is a mother.

Woe! Why be afraid to Look?

The sight of true love.

See them! Love them…

Twenty-two, twenty three,

Twenty three, twenty six.

Are they too young, too old?

To know what love is?

Love knows not the reason it exists,

It simply is.

He captivates Him.

She enchants Her.

A magick spell, a charm-

-A charmed connection,

Beyond vibration.

His voice, his resonance.

He loves: he sings.

Woe! Why be afraid to Listen?.

The song of true love.

Hear them! Perceive them…

Words are notes on the wind,

Their love-spell is stronger than any curse.

Filling the spirits of the oppressed.

Each heart has a cry.

She comes home to her wife,

“Honey I’m home” just doesn’t suffice.

He whispers in his ear,

“Can I take you? Can I save you?”

A declaration, an utterance-

-A stated connection.

Beyond Law.

His wit, His passion.

He loves: he is an activist.

Woe! Why be afraid to Speak?

The words of true love.

Speak up! Vocalize them…

She smiled into her soul,

Thinking, “Can I love you?”

When will equality be in the land of the free?

It is here, regardless if seen, regardless if heard.

It lives, They live, We live.

They love, You love, We love.

He is a rose, he is the sun.

She is the earth, and their love a quake.

Woe! Why be afraid of the Essence?

Feel it! See it! Hear it! Voice your love!

We are all human, we all bleed love.

Our rhythms pulse, to the beat of heart-song.

We all hum to the progression of love-

-The human connection.

(c) 18 February 2010

MY PEOPLE: A Speech- Version 2

My People….my PEOPLE:
Broken. Bruised. Forgotten- BLOODIED
Stained by the hurt of FEAR, a hurt of HATE;
WE hate them, THEY hate us.
My People: Our lands and children raped.
Our jungles cut, our earth medicines lost forever.
It is LIFE, or what Life once was.
My People: The Great Spirit came to ME
Brother Rain, Sister Sky-
Voices, VOICES of the Past, Singing: Songs of Reason.

Our People. What can I say about Our People?
Ign’rant, d’pressed, ay-lone.
Ruined by the price of greed.
Our People- Necks red wit’ sweat, farmin’ like pigs.
Drinkin’ til noon and again next day- Never did look so fine.
Momma hits dad, Pops beats mom & then finds me.
I was only five….
It is life, or what life once was.
Yahweh came to me,
The Creator, Father Idol.
Voice of the Present, sayin’: Words of Reason.

My People, My People.
Shunned, killed, disowned- UNLOVED.
Assaulted, thought QUEER….and we ARE…..
Rainbow’d cars, merely targets for broken souls.
My People: Smashed, vandalized.
Glass….so many crystalline knives of anger.
Where will I sleep?
No one knew: This. Was. My. HOME…
It is life, or what life once was.
My People: Glitter shimmers in a world so dark.
The PULSE of the Music speaks to me,
Dance, dance to the rhythm of LIFE.
Notes hitting vibrations of the Future- Vibrations of Reason.

Our People…..OUR PEOPLE!
Burned! Castrated! Murdered in the STREETS! Left for dead…
Society doesn’t want us- We are the FORGOTTEN!
Our People: THEY didn’t trust US? WE DIDNT TRUST THEM!
It is life, or what LIFE ONCE WAS……
Soothing touches came to Our People,
HEALING OUR SCARS, kissing our bruises
They didn’t care, they weren’t WHOLE.
Gestures of goodness last forever…
EMBRACES of Reason….


Who are my people?
The Forgotten. The Abused.
The Scapegoated. The marked.
What is of My People?
This is the Riddle of fucking millennia.
There is no justification for history.
So many tears fallen, rippling the seas of humanity.
My People’s bones lay the foundations to your Condos.

Your People are not My People.
Your People would desecrate our lands,

Pollute our minds, cut our hair?
Scorn my language, challenge my lisp?
Scoff my colour, taunt our families?

Your People would “teach” us the real true way,
Electroshock our bodies into normalcy?
Your people do not Sing,
Vibrate and EMBRACE Reason.
Your People would have us forget My People’s memories,
Our pasts, My People’s culture?
Our heritages, My People’s rights,
Our destinies? Our lives?
Your People will not sing any rhythms of reason.
Not until the web is seen, felt, encircled and respected.

My People: Where are the Avengers?
The Heroes and Heroines of antiquity?
The Writer of Wrongs? Why do they hide?
The mystification….
So many lives fallen, Our People redden the sands of humanity.
The pulse of the earth beats fast for us.
Awaken from your slumbers!
Cast out the dust! Renaissance approaches…
Cast out the inhumane. The bigots shouting amongst Our People.
Use your weapons well. Pens, VOICES, SPEAK for Reason!
Dance in the streets, SMILE at your foes.
Sunshine falls upon shoulders no longer barring the weight of suppression.

It is Life, or what Life once was.
My People are the facets….the “diamonds in the rough.”
Casting rainbows of humanity, in all their multi-cultured vigour.
We are the rarest of flowers…
….with the most UNIQUE perfume.
My People are the NEW Souls….the OLD Souls…
The Brightest Light of the Sun,
The Softest Light of the Moon.
My People are eternal, We are forever.
The Past, present and FUTURE.

Who are YOUR People?

(c) 4 February 2010

Cupid’s Sonata (c) 15 Sept. 2009

Great symphony of the mind! What shall thee sing?
Whistle, whistle. Tongue in cheek.
Furthering the discourse of love past
Brought to the present.
Simple melodies floating upon the wind of our connected dreams.
Through time and through chance- be brought together
In union upon the torturous slopes of mortal love.
But oh! Look, what a lark!
There shant become a trial of love,
For all loves never run smooth and thus
In all times and in all ages, since love past,
Hast loves be in turns of simplest hazard.
And woe!
Woe is the lover who allows the populous decide.
Decide what is true and untrue.
Of what is expressed and what is shown.
The difference between the seen and unseen. Only lovers know.
Time is but a ripple and lovers in a sinking raft,
But ore on they must
To reach the harbour- together,
humming a cupid’s song.

Connect the Dots (c) 9 Sept. 2009

We are all made of dust,
Tiny particles of stars with great potential.

Look out into the vastness,
The eerie beauty of it all.
See all those stars?

Those are hopes and wishes, much like yours.
Each is distinct, every one with their own personality,

Is it any wonder they are so bright,
You must think?

Each shining ray becoming apart of
Something larger,
Something grander,
Something connected.

Connect the dots.
Connect the hearts.
Connect the lives.

Linked together in the dark,
In the cold,
In the emptiness.

Imaginary lines through space, created with a simple finger.
We are creators of our own imaginations,
We are imaginers of our own creations.

Within the grand collective,
We can feel it.
The Connection, the dust.
It is unseen, but with a simple gesture:
A finger, a handshake-
-A smile.

We are connected.

So, connect.
Connect with your fellow luminaries.

Connect the dots.
Connect the hearts.
Connect the lives.

© 9 September 2009


As it brews within these walls,

The smell perfumes the home.

The noise is of churning,

Can you wait for the foam?

Sweet delicacies from around the world,

What once was royale-

Only a pleasure for those up high,

Now is for the tongue of any- normale.

Natural origins from the equator,

A colour true to the earth’s ground,

Cultivated to rule the hours of the day,

The best discovery ever found.

Mixed together-

Sugar, sucre, Milk & crème.

Is it any wonder?

Of this luscious dream?

Some may want it,

Hot or cold.

But its warmed our hearts

Since the Ages Old.


Beneath the waves, I wait.Drown in my own memories of regret.Time is still.To recount the tale—the fable,It was a chance occurrence of correspondenceAmongst the infinite net of information.Correspondence to correspondence,Our words danced in the wind.Our charms were cast and we fell.After a summer,A season of heat and passion,Our souls were ready.A single encounter, faces with hungry intentions.We were so young. Amongst the books,Books of nothing, yet written in words of emotions.Closed inside, heart to heart,We were so curious of each other,And I so nervous and full of energy.Surrounded by trees and crossing the river,We made our way along the path. The path that would lead to two cycles,Two cycles around the sun.Though we were young and in love, our eyes met with hunger.Green to blue, the spectrum of our souls were bared for each other to see,And my heart wide open.


To all the hurricanes of the sea,Message to message,Word for word, we continued our struggle.Struggle with our lives.We were stormed, our fates blown apart.The wind blowing—so strong, so strong.Yet I hoped.I floated in the lake of my memory.A lake that would eventually become sea.Love turned to hate, and yet I remained, Full of verve. Coincidence, the sound of his name,Reminded me of his song—his charm. Time slows and time stirs so fast.All the wishes—wishes to best.Happy and in love, to be, and isAll I hope.Why can I not break the power of his charm?Want it gone, removed—to love again,To love another.But I do not want to love without,Without the memory of his face.My heart still goes back to him,At night,When all alone.My mind wonders,At what could have been,To what was close to perfect.Some day, I say,Some day, it will happen—together again.Again, somehow, someway.When we both are ready,Body and soul, heart and mind.To hope that,That he knows I remain,Always here—by soul beseeching. I wait with a heavy heart—–In the ocean created by our passion.The tides wash over me,As a prison, a prison of memories.Yet I am strong,Strong with the view of land in the distance.One day my voyager will come,And reach for my arm-hand in the pool of our passion.Walk again, will we?—Upon the beach of life?Free from the cold depths.Until we next meet, my nautilus.


Ocean waves crash,Against the dark and moist insides,Of my being.Every reverberation sounds a shock of memory,Of pain and love,Lost,Yet never complete with acknowledgement—–For what it was.Sea foam gushes in,In a residual of overflow, my body is a hurricane.A heart was wide open,With the hope of love true,But closed,As a tempest of time,Turned two years.Back and forth,The waves hitting the beach,Of everyday life.Within a secret outside,The bounds of “natural order.”Whether flower or bee,Pollen does not matter where it floats nor lands.Through dark clouds, rays of light hit the beach—–For only moments.The beach yearns for the crashing waves,Of something lost,Within the depths of the sea abyss.Do not fear,The tides creatures.Fear only the undercurrent of life’s regrets,For the hurricane has a legacy.A legacy of destruction. Within the human soul,There is a split between many.The truer truth of life’s voyage,Is finding at least one piece,Of common heart.I can hear the waves crash in the distance,Off my inner-self.An inner self, the depths of which are hard to recognize.One day the voyager will return,And the ocean be calm once more.The current will be as it was in the beginning,But only when ocean and voyager are ready,Ready to trudge ahead.But not before.


Moments crash against the shore.A hurricane of tears unleashes,Against the world’s inhibitors. Deep residual pain rises from the depths,Hoping to be resolved.The sea is so clearly,Full of emotion.Ripples,Ripples of shear energy course through,And hit the feet of the voyager.The waters crash against bare feet,Reminding him of its sweet embrace.Gulls sing in the near distance,Vibrating words unspoken—So many words.As he crashes against the more forceful of waves,The voyager is reminded of all the struggle,The struggle his being has had to go through.The voyager’s life has not been an easy one,So misunderstood.Only the one within the depths,Of the sea,Has turned away all fault.The one has loved nothing but unconditionally.Swims—the voyager,The time is finally right,Having many years passed.The salty waters wash over the voyager,A sea so entrenched with memory,And yet,A prison.At last! The voyager reaches the point,The point where his lover has been waiting.A hand-arm outstretches and breaks,The surface of regret,And they See.For a moment,Eyes of blue and green meet,And each is within the other.As the pools of emotions are settled, they walk.They walk—the Prince of Tides and his voyager, His nautilus. All the old is dead and they love anew,As soul parts,Until they are reborn—–To voyage, once more,once more for everything, for each other.


Time goes by so fast,
I can barely hold on.
My grasp is slipping,
Your hand falls away,
And I fall.
Into the abyss I go,
Another world to explore.
I travel fast, through the air,
Down to the sea that is under me.

I break through,
The line that separates water from air.
I submerge below the level,
My hair and clothes suspended in what seems mid-air.
There is barely any gravity,
And I know I shouldn’t breathe,
But I do.

The moonlight, breaks the surface down to me,
My eyes open to a world anew.
Creatures suspend around me,
All glowing silver in the light.

They begin to swirl around me,
Gaining speed.
I have one moment of fear, before…
Before, I see I’m beginning to illuminate,
Not from the moon,
But from within myself.

A light unknown,
Begins to grow.
And the next thing I know,
Im floating up.
Up to the surface,
Then up higher.
Back up to you.

The light grows even more,
You can see it from afar.
You see a light,
Not knowing what it is.
Then suddenly it comes pass the cliff edge.
You know not to fear it,
You know it means no harm,
Only love.

It comes close to you,
Takes you into itself,
And we go both to another world.



Here I am again,
All alone, all to myself.
I want to break free,
Away from this prison.
I am entrapped inside,
They get some sadistic pleasure out of my torture.
I squirm and they laugh,
I cry and they applaud.
They see me,
But not the pain inside.
Waiting, just waiting,
To fly away,
Away to another world.
You did this,
You swept me away.
Gave me the courage to not listen to their words.
Whenever they spoke,
I thought of you,
And smiled.
You made everything so much better,
Just the mere thought of you was enough.
That’s all that I required to be lifted,
Up and away..
From this prison of mine,
What others would call home-sweet-home.
But how to the contrary,
It is nothing but a house of lies.
No one is able to be themselves when within these walls,
Only when the spark has touched the heart of the person,
Who dwells inside.
Will they find peace.
And you have given me your spark.
The thought of you sends shivers of pleasure,
And recollections of times past.
And another smile comes to my face.
The mere thought of you.



The sound of your voice,
reverberates off of the walls in my mind.
So harmonious, so bold.
Your radiance can be seen from afar,
I miss your presence.
Your sweet humour, always brings tears to my eyes.
Your ebony hair,
and masculinity are your symbols,
the things that make you, you.
I wish you knew,
eres el mejor importa.
I sit here, listening to your song,
remembering times past, and conceiving of things to come.
I can wait if you can, and will if you do.
-patience is one of my symbols.
Only days now, me coming of age.
Opportunities becoming ever more present.
The time has come for me to fly,
let me hold your hand.
Angel to daemon, my guardian you are.
My wings of pearl are becoming ever more dark as night-
One singed yet I do not mind.
It seems that I am falling- a falling angel.
For a devil, of sorts, merely misunderstood.
Yet, I do not care of his doings,
for he has taken my heart,
my soul, with him.
On evenings past, feathers have fallen,
some even now jet.
But you I trust,
even should we go to Stix.
Falling so fast now,
one wing luminously obsidian the other dazzling magnolia.
Together we are entwined, in the dark.
Passionate as ever, for I am a Falling Angel.



Night, a fire and candles lit. Uncertainty plays at our minds. I walk in, you are angel-esc on your chez. A through, of white barely covering your manly hood. Beckoning me to come further. The moonlight pouring into the flat,white washing the floors, walls, our bodies. A gentle wind blows through, disturbing the thin fabrique covering what little it was. You pay no attention, your eyes still affixed to mine, sensually and dazzling giving me permission to look. I move closer, my gossamer shirt mystically beginning to unbutton. You stand before me, you in all your glory. You unbutton the last of them, and eloquently push the shift off of my shoulders. All the while our eyes are rapt upon each other, mine gleaming green yours glint of blue. I push aside an ebony hair from your face, my hands now on your jaw line, thumbs caressing your cheeks. An evening of erotic and sensual passion ensues. Our bodies move in unison, the hotness of the fire burning around us, within us. I take you in my world, and I into yours. Angels of light and shadow, now both made equal. Our bodies beckon, every cell reaching perfect bliss. Until the moon begins to decline behind the horizon, and the sun welcoming in a new day.The candles all of wax, and the fire of embers. We are entwined, bodies still warm and glistening with perspiration. You take me close, for one final osculation before we slumber side by side, ‘‘til the next following night.



In the dark,
I call out your name.
I don’t hear your reply,
I cant find you in the mist.
I fall,
My pants tear open as my heart does the same.
I continue,
Onward into the night.
Through a wood thick,
with razour-sharp branches and thorns.
One glances me across my face,
Ripping at my flesh of my cheek.
I call again, nothing.
A terror in the blackness,
Driven on breaking one’s soul,
One’s spirit.
She wails her terrible scream,
Sending me back and down.
I cannot see,
Cannot hear.
I get up,
The banshee gone,
Her deed for now done.
I spread out my hands,
Extending my fingers.
And arms go out,
And I call again.
I step onto something,
It breaks and I pain in my chest.
I reach down, pick it up,
And once I make out what it is,
Feeling its hard course surface.
It is a box,
It feels so heavy,
I find myself hard pressed to keep it in my hands.
I put it on a nearby stump,
And contemplate on opening it.
I can suddenly feel the wind upon my skin,
Where tares in my clothes have left blood dried.
And the moon upon my face.
I decide:
Open it!
With curiosity and fright,
I open the vessel.
I still cannot see,
But I can barely hear a snap of a stick in back of me.
I call out your name again,
And this time a whisper.
My sight comes back, and my wounds seem to heal.
And I understand now,
It was I who opened you to my heart,
And now I must be the one to further it,
Or to close the lid.


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