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So, here you are. Welcome. You may be asking yourself, “What exactly IS natural bookcraft? It sounds a bit strange and odd, or rather made up if you ask me.” Life’s Natural Bookcraft is merely how I view the world around me. Once upon a time there was a life yet unwritten. Every life has a story and every story a life. It is all about writing your own life’s natural bookcraft, the craft of writing your own story. As my nose is always either reading a book or writing in one, there is a metaphorical sense that surrounds me. I am some what of an obsessive-compulsive philosopher & artist transferring my life and body from the very upper north Adirondacks in New York, USA to the state’s capitol of Albany.

I am a passionate reader, avid artist, wanna-be piano player, and am involved with many diverse and random things. Most days you would find me either writing in my journal, sketching or talking insistently to myself, with a cup of tea steaming somewhere nearby.

I began learning about society since my early childhood. I taught myself through the religious philosophies of the world, and delved into the world of ancient languages by the time I was ten. It turns out that I was only trying to discover my roots, and discovered the very reason for my interest in such esoteric things. As I have progressed, the more I find my own spiritual peace, which is all I ask to accomplish in this life, I connect with the divine through myself & nature through all that I do, whether it is a showing at the gallery, listening to foreign and new musik; or in the family forest, swimming in the lake, walking barefoot through grass, listening to the morning birds sing, bathing in sunlight, writing poetry, sketching, painting, honoring the seasons or by just thinking about the world. All in all, I am still seeking the divine within myself and am quite unsure where to place myself in the whole spiritual realm of thought. My life is a philosophy, I don’t need one exactly to live under dogma of any sort. I am me, I cannot and will not be classified.

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