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Lugh’s Lammas

31 July 2011

Photograph by Julija Sapic From Serbia

“A loaf of bread, a jug of wine, and thou.” ~Omar Khayyam

Lughnasadh or Lammas as we now know it is the Celtic turning point of Autumn. Stop, take a look. The leaves are just now changing. Now is a time to harvest in the fruits of our labours. Typically a breads harvest, this ancient holiday has its roots much deeper than mere yeasts and grains. It is a time of dance, of self sacrifice for others, of honouring those fallen and gone to the realms of our Ancestors. This is the beginning of three. Three great rites of passage, in preparation for the cold wintre to come. So celebrate in the sun flame that still is warm on your bare skin. Savour it with a passion of a true love. Dance and revel in it! You never know when your last smile may shine~

Gather ye breads, vegetables and fruits!
Harvest time has come filling our noses with delight.
Gather ye free lovers of music, art and ale!
Dancing time has come washing our tongues with delight.
Gather ye sultry hunger, touches and chants!
Hedonistic debauchery has come to grasp our bodies in delight.
Gather ye friends, lovers and spirits!
Celebration has come to our Souls…

Take stock in what you have,
and share in what is ours.
Take stock in what we have,
and share in what is yours.

Smile at the sun, and pound at the dough.
Make your Wicker man alight,
and see where the evening shall go.

Fingertips graze stubble, fern and frond.
As we walk the fields hand in hand.

Sweet delicious bread!
As I kiss lips dripping with honey…
~”Lugh’s Lammas” (c) 31 JUL 2011

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