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13 July 2011

Summer is a time for frolicking.
Running through the glade.
And rolling in the flowers.
Laughing, lounging, reading& bathing in grottos.
Drinking from sacred springs&
Showering under waterfalls.
Drinking tea by the light of a campfire.
Eating hedonistically from the dark fertile earth.
Summer is a time for the Soul to shine.
Flying high through the trees,
Up mountains & hills.
Dancing in Fae groves,
And paying homage to the ancient stone guardians.
The elemental spirit is a fire of passion& whimsy.
Reclaim yourself! Your Midsummer dreams!
Rejoice in the moment! This Day of longest Light.
With sun salutations, smiles& grins…
Rejuvenate and be Happy!

Blessed Solstice, Blessed Summer, Blessed Be!
(c) 21 JUN 2011, DJH

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