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Lovely Lupercalia..

12 February 2011

"Lupercalia" Artist Unknown

“Darling it’s no joke, this is lycanthropy. The moon’s awake now with eyes wide open. My body’s craving, so feed the hungry.” She Wolf lyrics by Shakira

Loveably, Lupercalia.

Have you heard the moon-lit howl?
The ancient caress of Cupid’s wings all aflutter?
The She-wolf, calling you to her Cave?
Have you forgotten, the ways of our ancestors?
Before kisses were made of chocolate,
And words already spoken were given in a mass-produced card?
The times of magick have returned: So howl the song of Olde.

Dance around the hearth fire bright. Lock your eyes and take none else in your Sight. Call out your Lover, gently but firm. Today marks a three day Love burn. Let the pyres flame long into the night, where all can hear your love making plight. This ancient festival still does live on, you see. In the stories, the myths, the diaries that be. This is your time to recapture the spark, the one you’ve had for Life, Lust, and Love- what a lark! The basest of urges cannot be undone, no amount of praying could cast away and be gone. The Wolf’s Month begins just now, ready the pillows, the perfumes and the sheets, take to your bed more than just roses and sweets. Howl at the Moon, She- Luna will be ripe with smiles. Upon the acts of you smitten Love animals. Do not hide, oh! The shame that should not be there. Valentine’s Day should be a day naked and bare. A day of true poetry in the making, straight from the source. No matter as long as both partners are eager of course! Giggles and frivolity, laughter or pain. To be single or not: Love is just a game. So be happy at that, this fleeting festival of olde. Take a chance, be brave and lusty. Your name, pick it will he? In the Valentine Lottery, Faunus and Pan have more than just a Cupid’s plan. Be quick, make your plight. Februa is here, she will hear you in flight. Love moves on lofty wings throughout the skies. Arrows tipped in sweet poison, that does not follow any rules or rhymes. Will surely pierce more than one heart on this day. Will you meet your one true love? Who is to say? Who is to say?

All that can be gained, and all that can be lost. Is as simple as the day is light and night is dark. Be true to your heart, be true to yourself. Make love in the knowledge that true Love does exist. In your Heart. In your Mind. In your Soul. Go in peace, and follow the path of Eros! Blessed Be.

Blessed Lupercalia!

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  1. Blue Rose permalink
    16 February 2013 6:14 am

    Pretty and inspiring.

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