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I Would Sing the Dance of Fireflies…

16 June 2012

If I sang a song of Summer,

I would sing the dance of fireflies.

My lullaby would frolick across the winds,

Filling the hearts of bumble bees.

A cricket symphony of violins,

A deep bass of pond bullfrogs.

I would sing the dance of fireflies.

My lullaby would be of sunshine, of starshine.

The sound of lady and hummingbird wings.

If I sang a song of Summer,

We would make love by the light of the Moon.

(c) Saturday, 16 June 2012


9 Simple Acts…

13 June 2012

Good morning gorgeous, shining, dear ones! Isn’t today just a beautiful day? The song birds are singing, the sun is shining, and even the trees seem to be smiling.

So many of my friends ask me how I manage to stay in a positive mood in this hectic and “oh-my-god!” type of society that we most live in.

Now, of course I get frustrated, and angry, and sometimes just want to scream, but its mostly my awareness of these emotions and why I truly feel them that allows these boggy energies to lift and float away. And don’t get me wrong, we NEED these feelings too. They are not “good” nor “bad” feelings. They are all a beautiful and necessary rainbow that makes us living, breathing, and FEELING people. So, if you need to scream, scream. If you need to cry, sweet ones, cry. But remember there is a light in you that is able to shine through any ordeal with poise, respect, and self-love.

So here are my tips for living a happier, shinier, You. I hope you can incorporate some of these into your daily Life, and may you be blessed!

Sunshine & Songbird blessings,


1. Drink but Hydrate!
Green Teas & Water! Just do it. When I wake up in the morning, the first thing I go for is either my tea kettle or my pitcher of iced sun tea in the fridge. If you aren’t a big tea drinker, you havn’t tried. There are so many different flavour combinations constantly being created. Expand your palate and drink something that isn’t just going to inebriate or jitter you up. Our bodies are 75-80% water. So detox your body and try drinking natural fruit & herb flavoured waters. Curious? Try making them at home. 🙂 It’s simple, and yummy, and smells DIVINE.

2. Eat Whole Foods as much as possible. Fresh! Crisp! Luscious! Mmm…
You truly are what you eat. If you eat more consciously, and or locally all the better your mood will be. It’s all about making that little bit of difference in your community and world. Cleanse yourself. Our bodies are not designed to process all these fast foods that yes, are pretty convenient (and I do get tempted every now and again and give in…but then I feel my body rejecting it after so long, so when I do I LIMIT myself to just a few hand fulls of “tasty” fries).

3. Switch your perspective.
Happy living is simple: change your point of view! Turn off the depressing daily news! Have you ever wondered where all the good news is being televised? In countries where murder, rape, and other violence is minimal. Isn’t that an interesting correlation? Hmm… ;-p
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4. Love Thyself.
Love yourself, through and through. Something so simple, but very few people actually love themselves. So I just want to say: You are beautiful, you are cherished, and you are Loved. Love the body you are in, and learn to be okay with it in whatever shape you may be in. Yes it is good to improve and have a healthy body. But don’t stress over a few pounds. Make it your top priority to make yourself happy, and don’t depend or expect others to do so. There is a Buddhist saying: “You can search throughout the entire universe for someone who is more deserving of your love and affection than you are yourself, and that person will not be found: You yourself, as much as anybody in the entire universe deserves your love and affection.” So dear sweet hearts, Love, and Live, and Love Thyself. ❤

5. Be conscious of your CHOICES.
They are yours to make, so own them. If they do not reflect your and your Soul. Then they probably are not the right decisions for you. That guilt is there for a reason, so do the right thing for you. And remember, your decisions ripple outward and touch untold and countless people, animals, plant life and waters. So, how do you make better choices? Start by thinking about the future, and how your actions affect it. Recycle, re-purpose, and restore your Life!

6. No more plastics!
Yes, ever since I eliminated plastics from my life, I am much more happy, and ties into the whole “Being conscious of my choices.” So, no more plastic water bottles for me. No more plastic bags. Tote bags are not only more attractive, you’ve never heard of an animal dying because they were choking and sufficating on plastic.  And also, bottled water can be more hazardous than plain tap water, and it’s FREE! Hehe, isn’t that just nice? 🙂 Invest in reusable glass water bottles or how about this re-purpose glass Snapple bottles, or Mason jars even. Be creative! 🙂

7. Take Mindful Silences & Meditate.
Sometimes in this busy world, with all the noise, noise, noise you just need to sit down and “OM-out.” Now, there are many forms of meditation. And I offer many in my daily affirmation emails that I send to my friends and family. It isn’t always all about being a monk, sitting on a pillow with your legs in Indian-style. It can also be about just taking a moment. Being silent. Tuning out the rest of the world, and going deep within yourself. It’s these peaceful self-moments that are oh-so vital to keeping your wits about you. So take an extra few minutes a day, perhaps you can take better use of that lunch break at work. Sit, relax, breathe, and just BE. Your mind can wonder, so don’t berate yourself, and remember Love thyself. If a worry creeps up, acknowledge it, and then let it float away. For every bad thought they may pop up, think of something that makes you smile. 🙂

8. Be creative!
Sometimes you just need an outlet. Whether it’s cooking, snapping pictures, painting, drawing, knitting or journaling. Try to do something creative everyday. Respect every “flaw” that you may think you are making. Try to not judge your work too poorly. Rejoice in the imperfections. As Leonard Cohen says, “Ring the bells that still can ring. Forget your perfect offering. There is a crack in everything. That’s how the light gets in.”

9. Get outside!
Being in nature can be so peaceful! Whether you just take off your shoes and walk barefoot in the grass, go for walks in the woods, swim in a nearby waterfall, or sit in a park: Observe the natural world around you. Smell the aroma of flowers, herbs and trees. See the whimsy of a butterfly flittering around you. Feel the sun warm your soul! 🙂

Namaste, dear sweet ones.

Deep, Sweet Peace…

12 June 2012


Deep peace of Morning Sky to you
Deep peace of Fragrant Coffee to you
Deep peace of Cleansing Showers to you

Deep peace of Lunchtime retreats to you
Deep peace of Tickling Grasses to you
Deep peace of Sunshine Kisses to you

Deep peace of Afternoon Strolls to you
Deep peace of Floating Seeds to you
Deep peace of Crystal Caves to you

Deep peace of Nighttime Meditations to you
Deep peace of Sleepy-time Tea to you
Deep peace of Honeyed Breezes to you

Deep peace of the Followers and Nurturers of Peace to you
Love and Laughter pour their healing light onto you
Deep, sweet peace to you.
(c) 25 May 2012, DJH

Based on a Gaelic blessing…try writing your own.

What types of blessings would you offer dear ones?


Prepping for the Midsummer: Herbed-Fruit Flavored Waters!

8 June 2012

“I kindle my soul at the shrine of the Sun,
Flame of light, flame of love, flame of life . . .”

— Caitlin Matthews, The Celtic Devotional

Hello gorgeous ones!

Can you feel it? Ahhhh….Midsummer! That time of year is here again! How joyous, how amazingly adventurous! How will you prepare for the coming of this season and turning of the wheel? Today I made Sun-teas and Herb-fruit waters. Mmm, they are just divine! And oh-so simple! Here’s how:

Gather supplies at the grocery, or if you are lucky, your very own back yard. 😉
Combine a chosen fruit with a chosen herb. Go with your gut, inspiration isall around you. open yourself up to multiple possibilities…

Here we have Watermelon-Rosemary, Pineapple-Mint, and an All-citrus of Lemon, Orange, and Lime.
The teas are Green Peppermint-Lavender with Lavender Honey. Mmmm, bzzzz…

So, how do you do this exactly? Well, here’s the thing, Go with the flow and have FUN! Very few people realize that the magick in life is all about just going with the flow, and not exactly following  a strict recipe. Here I just cut up some fruits, macerated some herbs, added ice to the top and put them in the fridge to steep. Same with the teas, minus the ice. Just add tea bags of your choice, here I have 2 Tazo Thrive, and 1 peppermint bag, with a dollop of honey and about a teaspoon of dried lavender and a healthy sprig of lightly macerated mint.

So, this season is all about keeping it fresh! So go to your local farmers market, grocery or backyard and HARVEST those succulent juices!

Sunlight, sky and sprinkler blessings!
And as always,

Namaste. 🙂

Thank-you to for the inspiration!

P.S. You can refill the jars after the first empty, although I would leave a bit of the original “juice” there. Allow it to steep again, and although it won’t be as potent as the original, it is still VERY REFRESHING. These last if kept refrigerated, for about 3 days. 🙂

Lugh’s Lammas

31 July 2011

Photograph by Julija Sapic From Serbia

“A loaf of bread, a jug of wine, and thou.” ~Omar Khayyam

Lughnasadh or Lammas as we now know it is the Celtic turning point of Autumn. Stop, take a look. The leaves are just now changing. Now is a time to harvest in the fruits of our labours. Typically a breads harvest, this ancient holiday has its roots much deeper than mere yeasts and grains. It is a time of dance, of self sacrifice for others, of honouring those fallen and gone to the realms of our Ancestors. This is the beginning of three. Three great rites of passage, in preparation for the cold wintre to come. So celebrate in the sun flame that still is warm on your bare skin. Savour it with a passion of a true love. Dance and revel in it! You never know when your last smile may shine~

Gather ye breads, vegetables and fruits!
Harvest time has come filling our noses with delight.
Gather ye free lovers of music, art and ale!
Dancing time has come washing our tongues with delight.
Gather ye sultry hunger, touches and chants!
Hedonistic debauchery has come to grasp our bodies in delight.
Gather ye friends, lovers and spirits!
Celebration has come to our Souls…

Take stock in what you have,
and share in what is ours.
Take stock in what we have,
and share in what is yours.

Smile at the sun, and pound at the dough.
Make your Wicker man alight,
and see where the evening shall go.

Fingertips graze stubble, fern and frond.
As we walk the fields hand in hand.

Sweet delicious bread!
As I kiss lips dripping with honey…
~”Lugh’s Lammas” (c) 31 JUL 2011


13 July 2011

Summer is a time for frolicking.
Running through the glade.
And rolling in the flowers.
Laughing, lounging, reading& bathing in grottos.
Drinking from sacred springs&
Showering under waterfalls.
Drinking tea by the light of a campfire.
Eating hedonistically from the dark fertile earth.
Summer is a time for the Soul to shine.
Flying high through the trees,
Up mountains & hills.
Dancing in Fae groves,
And paying homage to the ancient stone guardians.
The elemental spirit is a fire of passion& whimsy.
Reclaim yourself! Your Midsummer dreams!
Rejoice in the moment! This Day of longest Light.
With sun salutations, smiles& grins…
Rejuvenate and be Happy!

Blessed Solstice, Blessed Summer, Blessed Be!
(c) 21 JUN 2011, DJH

Lovely Lupercalia..

12 February 2011

"Lupercalia" Artist Unknown

“Darling it’s no joke, this is lycanthropy. The moon’s awake now with eyes wide open. My body’s craving, so feed the hungry.” She Wolf lyrics by Shakira

Loveably, Lupercalia.

Have you heard the moon-lit howl?
The ancient caress of Cupid’s wings all aflutter?
The She-wolf, calling you to her Cave?
Have you forgotten, the ways of our ancestors?
Before kisses were made of chocolate,
And words already spoken were given in a mass-produced card?
The times of magick have returned: So howl the song of Olde.

Dance around the hearth fire bright. Lock your eyes and take none else in your Sight. Call out your Lover, gently but firm. Today marks a three day Love burn. Let the pyres flame long into the night, where all can hear your love making plight. This ancient festival still does live on, you see. In the stories, the myths, the diaries that be. This is your time to recapture the spark, the one you’ve had for Life, Lust, and Love- what a lark! The basest of urges cannot be undone, no amount of praying could cast away and be gone. The Wolf’s Month begins just now, ready the pillows, the perfumes and the sheets, take to your bed more than just roses and sweets. Howl at the Moon, She- Luna will be ripe with smiles. Upon the acts of you smitten Love animals. Do not hide, oh! The shame that should not be there. Valentine’s Day should be a day naked and bare. A day of true poetry in the making, straight from the source. No matter as long as both partners are eager of course! Giggles and frivolity, laughter or pain. To be single or not: Love is just a game. So be happy at that, this fleeting festival of olde. Take a chance, be brave and lusty. Your name, pick it will he? In the Valentine Lottery, Faunus and Pan have more than just a Cupid’s plan. Be quick, make your plight. Februa is here, she will hear you in flight. Love moves on lofty wings throughout the skies. Arrows tipped in sweet poison, that does not follow any rules or rhymes. Will surely pierce more than one heart on this day. Will you meet your one true love? Who is to say? Who is to say?

All that can be gained, and all that can be lost. Is as simple as the day is light and night is dark. Be true to your heart, be true to yourself. Make love in the knowledge that true Love does exist. In your Heart. In your Mind. In your Soul. Go in peace, and follow the path of Eros! Blessed Be.

Blessed Lupercalia!